Re-opening of Magnus Community Sports Centre


COVID -19 Action Plan


Date of Original Plan: 31st July 2020


This action plan is to be updated in-line with government guidelines as and when they may change. These changes will be placed to the top of this action plan.

4 January 2021

Sports Centre is now closed until further notice due to national Covid-19 lockdown

For full government guidance please click below:



5 December 2020

Magnus Sports Centre reopens after lockdown and is place into tier 3 restrictions. Risk Assessments  have been revised and updated accordingly 


5 November 2020

New Lockdown Procedures come in to effect as from the above date resulting in the full closes down of Magnus Community Sports Centre. The opening will be reviewed as and when permission is given to reopen


29 October 2020

Announcement that from 00.01 on Friday 30th October Newark along with all of Nottinghamshire will move in to tier 3. The PDF Document below gives guidance on how level 3 will affect your, and other sports during this time.








16 October 2020

Risk Assessment updated Rev 3


12 October 2020


The new Government 3 Tier restrictions that come in to force as from Wednesday 14th has placed the sports centre in Tier 2. Under Tier 2 (high alert level) a ban on indoor mixing of households or support bubbles will not be allowed. These new arrangements are to be in place for a minimum of 4 weeks when a further review by the government will be carried out. 



24 September 2020


The new NHS COVID-19 app, is now available to download for free in Eng-

land and Wales, is the fastest way to see if you're at risk from coronavirus.

The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones

and community.

The Sports Centre's QR code can be found at the entrances to the Main Sports

Centre, the entrance into Drama and the gate onto the AWP




22 September 2020


The rule of six


  • The government has announced further national measures to address rising cases of coronavirus in England.

  • The government has announced that from Thursday 22 September you will only be able to play organised indoor sports in groups of no more than six. Activities for under 18's are not affected.

  • In addition from Thursday 24th September the sports centre will have to be closed and locked no latter than 10.00

  • It will still be possible for larger groups aged over 18 to take part in organised sports outdoors, but not on an informal basis. This will mean that a group of friends or work colleagues will no longer be allowed to play in groups of six or more.

Coffee Shop

We have decided for the foreseeable future that the coffee shop will be come a 'Take-away' service only



4th September 2020


Sanitisation and Hygiene

Following clarification from HSE on the use of hand dryers, Magnus Community Sports Centre shall, where fitted, continue with the use of blow hand dryers in toilets.


Risk Assessment

This has been reviewed and on revisions made


New Document Added

A new document has been produced, Entry and Exiting the Sports Centre, and gives guidance on how clubs and their members should enter and exit the various areas of the sports centre. This document can be seen on full below.



Date of Plan Original: 31st July 2020


Social distancing measures will be in place for the protection of you, our academy & our staff as a socially responsible organisation and until a vaccine has been developed and available to everyone.


With this in mind, and most importantly with the health and wellbeing of all paramount, below is our policy in detail of our virus specific risk assessment and the measures to be taken.


The academy has required that the Sports Studio is set aside as an addition dining hall, other areas may at short notice haver to be withdrawn for the benefit of the academy as a whole.


 Objectives of Covid-19 Policy & Risk Assessment

  • Ensure a safe environment for the academy, sports centre and other visitors to the premises

  • Provide reassurance that appropriate steps have been taken to maintain a clean and safe environment

  • Demonstrate to all that we are prepared for any easement/adaptation of existing coronavirus safety measures


As required by Government guidance, we will undertake a full risk assessment to put in measures and safeguards appropriate for our premises. This Risk Assessment can be found in the PDF below.


Coffee Shop


We are pleased to be able to offer indoor seating with-in our Sports Centre, we have outlined the following procedures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and customers:


We will be following the strict government Covid 19 hospitality guidance. We ask all our visitors to follow any signage that will be on display and adhere to all measures and keep 1m+ apart at all times.


Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the coffee shop and we ask all customers to use this on entry and exit.


The following procedure is in place for ordering:

  • Select a table

  • Take note of your table number

  • 1 person from your table to order at the till – details will be taken during ordering for NHS Track and Trace requirements

  • Return immediately to your table and we will bring your order to you


Opening times:


Monday to Friday             7pm – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday      10am – 3.30am


(We hold the right to amend / alter theses hours without notice for any operational requirements)


Track and Trace requirements

Example ‘Track and Trace Sheet’ and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement


Name …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..…………..….

Contact Phone Number………………………………………………………………………………………………

Number in Party …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Date ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..………

Time of order …………………………………………………………………………………………………….…………

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The data that we are asking to collect is personal data and must be handled in accordance with GDPR to protect the privacy of our staff, customers and visitors. The below sets out the steps we take to comply with GDPR.  GDPR allow us to request contact information from our staff, customers and visitors and share it with NHS Test and Trace to help minimise the transmission of COVID-19 and support public health and safety. It is not necessary to seek consent from each person, but we will make clear why the information is being collected and what we intend to do with it by providing the web link below:


Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England has become mandatory from 24 July. Whilst visiting Magnus we ask that unless activity playing or eating in the coffee shop face masks should be worn indoors. If viewing an outdoor event, if a 2m safe distance cannot be achieved the 1m plus a face mask must be maintained.


Scope of Considerations

  • We will determine which clubs can safely return to the sports centre and when in light of ongoing and changing government guidance, as well as existing legal health & safety obligations to ensure necessary support for any individuals with special circumstances

  • We will ensure clear messaging for staff and visitors – online and on arrival – communication is essential

  • We have clearly set out the experience visitors will have on site and what needs there are for staff, including additional training for staff

  • We have a clear policy and process to deal with staff or visitors displaying symptoms on site and clear policies on shielding of vulnerable staff or, in the event visitors

  • There must be clear communication to visitors, employees and other persons to site.


Staff will be briefed ahead of re-opening or returning to work on new procedures – online and through other communication as appropriate and appropriate training provided to colleagues before reopening and also in the event of guidance changing/evolving. Communication should be given to visitors ahead of their visit on what to expect – e.g. online, on arrival along with signage and posters in place to remind visitors to observe social distancing measures, markers in place, as necessary, to direct customers on where to go and 2m distancing etc. along with posters in appropriate areas providing guidance on use of sanitisers, hygiene and all facilities etc.



Measures for Considerations


Social Distancing

  • Provide clear guidance to visitors and staff - signs, markers, posters – regarding the need to maintain 2m social distancing, wherever possible, in line with government guidance

  • Introduce one-way systems for entrance and exits, i.e. door and corridor markers

  • Implement process to manage “walk ins” to ensure social distancing

  • Avoid any bottlenecks either on arrival or on premises.

  • Provide guidance on greetings – zero contact i.e. no handshakes, elbow bumping etc.

  • Maintain social distancing throughout premises (i.e. waiting areas, toilets etc.). Where this is not possible, consider what additional steps are required

  • Careful management of sales staff with customers – request customers only attend in small groups (e.g. no more than two persons, wherever possible)

  • Avoid face to face configuration, no desk sharing, avoid touching/ sharing the same objects or equipment where possible

  • Toilets and other communal areas – clear guidance on social distancing measures, remove newspapers,

  • magazines, vending machines etc.

  • Identify isolation room for suspected Covid-19 cases.

  • Identify First Aid room.


Sanitisation and Hygiene

  • Clear guidance for employees and visitors on hygiene for people and property.

  • Regular sanitisation of all facilities, surfaces etc. including, but not limited to: desk phones, printers, payment devices, computers, door handles etc.

  • Ensure sanitising hand gel is available at entry points, desks, service areas, waiting area, toilets

  • Recommended - liquid soaps (not solid soaps), disposable paper towels instead of hand dryers Regular cleaning / disinfecting of sports equipment pre and post use, keys, pens etc.

  • Ventilation of premises– maximise ventilation of the premises wherever possible.

Use of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE)


  • Consider what, if any, appropriate PPE and materials is to be made available to visitors on arrival

  •  Provision of appropriate PPE to staff if social distancing and other measures cannot be maintained.

  • Consider utilisation of clear glass/Perspex screens between visitors and employees, or between employees, if appropriate (NB if social distancing measures cannot be maintained)

Digital and other additional mechanisms


  • Maximise online presence – clearly communicate the consumer experience being offered Strict use of appointments for lettings on Web

  • Removal of all physical material – e.g. brochures, magazines, newspaper

  • Assess workforce rotas and shift operation (pairing system if appropriate) to limit interaction.

  • Encourage online “virtual” meetings rather than face to face

  • Be mindful of the differing needs of our workforce and consider any measures that may need to be put in place to support certain individuals (if applicable) to help prevent accidental discrimination


Summary of Entry and Exiting

First Issued 10th July 2020 - Up dates will be written in dark red as and when required


The following is a summary of the measures that we will expect all clubs / groups to take to maintain both their and others safety while entering and leaving areas with-in the sports centre. Social distancing should apply while waiting to gain access into the sports centre areas.


Main Reception, toilets and Coffee Shop Area

  • You are welcome to enter and use the coffee shop,

  • 10 October 2020 -  now doing take-away-service only.

  • To use the toilets, but please leave the area immediately afterwards.

  • You must not wait in this area for entry into the Main Sports Hall Main Sports Hall

  • If using the Main Sports Hall you must wait outside until the hall is clear and walk through the foyer to enter.

  • Exit by the fire exit opposite this door If your club / group is running more than one session, then each session will be treated as a protected ‘bubble’, this in turn means that this bubble clears the hall before the next enter.


All Weather Pitch (AWP)

  • Wait outside, near the bike sheds, until your court is clear.

  • Do not wait in the Main Reception, unless you are using the coffee shop.

  • Please leave promptly and exit by the gate towards Bowbridge Road.


Performing Arts Area

Regardless of the area being used the procedures will be the same for each. Start times of different groups will be staggered to avoid different bubbles congregating outside at the same time.

  • All users should wait outside the double doors until permission to enter is given and enter the area / room immediately.

  • When leaving, exit by the fire exits in each room.

Summary of Government Guidance


New Government guidance means sports facilities can be back in business from July 25.

It means that organised outdoor team sports can come back into play, provided they have guidance from the relevant sport’s national governing body, and that outdoor sport and physical activity participation events can open to the public from this time.  


Safety measures now start from home as all venues should encourage users to arrive in their sports kit and to change and shower at home,


The guidance says.

The use of showers and changing rooms should be avoided, but they will have to be available for people with disabilities or special needs.   


The guidance also says that venues should “ensure that steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other”. It adds: “This includes – but is not limited to – refraining from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, including if played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult. This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission – particularly from aerosol and droplet transmission.”


The number of people using a facility at any one time should be limited and users will have to book a slot. There will be reduced class sizes and enough time will have to be allowed between each class to avoid groups waiting outside during changeover.


Everyone should see enhanced cleaning and hand sanitising being offered throughout venues, which may now have queue management or one-way systems. Adequate ventilation is a must and using outdoor spaces for individual, team or group activities is encouraged, while exercise or dance studios may sport temporary floor markings to help people stay distanced during classes


Another no-go zone is the use of shared items such as towels, robes, weights, rackets, balls and scoring equipment, which have to be cleaned or sanitised between users.


All venues are also expected to collect personal details of each user, such as name, telephone numbers plus date and times of entry and exit, to potentially help with tracing if there is a Covid-19 outbreak linked to the facility. Limits may also have to be placed on the number of classes that visiting instructors, coaches, teachers, and management are involved with across different sports venues in order to try to bolster safety.


People will now have to “arrive, compete, leave”. There needs to be the minimum number of people on site and they will have to be there for the shortest time possible or “you risk your sport”.


Leisure centres and other indoor sports facilities, have been closed since March 21

Dealing with Covid-19 Symptoms

For full details please click on PDF 

NHS Covid-19 app

Covid -19 Risk Assessment - Now Revised 

Tier 3 and the effects on your group / club here at Magnus - Now Revised

Covid -19 Risk Assessment Revision 4

5th December 2020 

Dealing with Covid-19 Symptoms

Tier 3 and the effects on your group / club here at Magnus